Kari Rueslåtten has announced she will release a new album in 2017. She is very exited about the opportunity to dive into a new album project. The coming album will be Kari Rueslåtten´s 7th  studio album!

Sep 16 2016


FB_IMG_1448662096428The second leg of Kari Rueslåtten´s To The North tour opened with a sold-out concert in Kari´s home town Trondheim, followed by visits to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria and Italiy.

In September Kari will join company with Antimatter and perform two special acoustic concerts in UK an Belgium. Stay tuned for more dates.

kari demo LP cover re-release frontKari Rueslåtten is happy to announce that a vinyl edition of “Demorecordings 1995” is made! In this process Kari also looked through her other 1995-demoes and found two more un-released demo songs, and put them on the vinyl too. The album has been re-mastered, and will also be released on CD.

Release date is 16th of April, but it is available for order in the webshop now.

Oct 21 2015

To The North is out!

to the north 300On “To the North”, Kari Rueslåtten has brought a darker–edged atmosphere to her acoustic, melancholic Norwegian folk. She has created a soundtrack of the North, which bring herself, and her listeners, back “home”. “I´m interested in creating emotions in the listener, and mental resting places that allow people to close their eyes and transcend to a different environment”, she said. “For me, I like music that creates images in my head that unfold into new stories and new worlds, and invariably these are my home, and the landscapes of the North”.

By the album, CD or vinyl, here!