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“To The North” is the title of Kari Rueslåtten’s forthcoming studio album.  This time Kari Rueslåtten has brought a darker–edged atmosphere to her acoustic, melancholic Norwegian folk. Pre-order here.

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 Available on limited edition 7″ picture disc here!

The single “Battle Forevermore” from the upcoming album “To The North” is out now! The single is released digitally as well as on a 7″ vinyl picture disc, limited edition. On the B side is “Turn, Turn, Turn”. The picture disc as well as the To The North album can be ordered here.

The first single “Turn, turn, turn” from Kari Rueslåtten´s upcoming solo-album is out! This is a cover version of the big hit by the Byrds from 1965. “Turn, turn, turn” in Kari´s version is slow, melancholic and atmospheric – almost a rewriting of the song originally made by legend song writer Pete Seeger. The song deals with time, about life and death – how we are all bound together in the circle of life.


Kari Rueslåtten joins forces with Liv Kristine and Anneke van Giersbergen for a tour together as The Sirens! Stay tuned for more updates on this unique collaboration!